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Interview Preparation and Practice Tool for College Graduates

iScalePro specialise in providing top-notch interview preparation and practice tool specifically tailored to the needs of college and university students, to help them secure their dream jobs or internships. 


We understand the unique challenges that college students face when transitioning to the professional world, and we're here to bridge that gap by empowering the students with the skills and confidence they need to excel in interviews.


Our platform offers a comprehensive range of interview resources, including mock interview sessions, interview question databases and personalized feedback. We cover a wide spectrum of interview types, from job interviews to admissions interviews, to ensure that the students are well-prepared for any situation.


Automated Mock Interviews

Our platform provides a realistic interview experience with a library of common interview questions and the option to conduct mock interviews with AI-driven interviewers. Students can build confidence and improve their interview skills through repeated practice.

Interview Question Banks

Access a vast database of commonly asked interview questions for various industries and job roles. Our question banks are continuously updated to reflect current trends and expectations.

Performance Tracking

We provide detailed performance metrics after each mock interview. Students receive feedback on communication skills, body language, and content from subject matter experts, enabling them to track their progress over time.


Unlock the potential with iScalePro

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