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Are you finding it hard to hire Right Candidates ?

Maximise Your Recruitment Potential with iScalePro 

  • Save your time and effort by automating the entire assessment process from initial screening to final evaluation.

  • Assessments starting at just INR 100 per candidate.

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Elevate Your Hiring Standards :

Tailored Assessments for Your Unique Needs

iScalePro empowers recruiters with tailored assessments aligned with specific job roles & JD. Ensure precision in hiring by evaluating candidates based on the skills crucial for success in your organisation.


Comprehensive Evaluation, Simplified:

Multiple Assessment Rounds for In-Depth Insights

From MCQs to video interviews, our platform provides detailed insights for confident and informed hiring decisions. Define Passing Criteria, ensuring only the best candidates move forward in your recruitment process.

Dynamic Branding for Enhanced Candidate Engagement:

Optimal Display of Company Logos and Messages

Display company logos optimally, introduce assessments through engaging videos, and deliver instructions directly to candidates. iScalePro ensures your brand stands out, enhancing candidate engagement.


Efficient Shortlisting with Team Collaboration:

Collaborate Effortlessly with Distributed Teams

Achieve rapid shortlisting with iScalePro's team collaboration features. Collaborate with unlimited teams, use private question banks, and streamline candidate selection with collaborative reviews by a distributed team.

Tailored Assessments for Every Role:

Unlock Versatile Hiring with Extensive Question Banks

Craft custom assessments for diverse roles with iScalePro's extensive question banks. Whether tech or non-tech, our platform ensures you find the right fit for every position.


Bringing Interviews to Life:

Assess Candidates with Realistic Video Interviews

Conduct interviews anytime, anywhere, with features like follow-up questions, interview avatars, and adaptive video interviews for an immersive candidate experience.

Talent-Focused Recruiting with iScalePro:

Prioritise Positive Candidate Journeys

Streamline assessments, interviews, and communication, creating an environment that attracts top talent and fosters positive interactions.


Seamless Mobile Interviewing Experience:


Streamlined Assessment Process Anytime, Anywhere

iScalePro revolutionizes candidate assessment with mobile-optimized interviews, offering flexibility and convenience in the talent evaluation process.Whether it's answering MCQs or participating in video interviews, our mobile-compatible system ensures candidates can showcase their skills and qualifications from anywhere, at any time.

Efficient Coding Assessments with iScalePro:

Streamlined Coding Interviews for Precision Recruitment

Enhance your tech hiring process effortlessly with iScalePro's coding interview capabilities. With our platform, conducting coding assessments becomes streamlined and efficient.


Unlock the potential with iScalePro

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