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Are you finding it hard to get all students job ready ?

Transform Graduates into Job-Ready Professionals

iScalePro ensures your college graduates enter the job market with confidence. Elevate placement rates, build a strong reputation, and set the stage for student success.


Elevate Interview Readiness:

Automated Mock Interviews for Every Student

Provide students with real-world interview simulations using iScalePro's automated mock interviews. Enhance their readiness, build confidence, and ensure success in actual job interviews.


Tailored Questions for Every Career Path:

Comprehensive Question Banks for Diverse Industries

Empower your college with iScalePro's extensive question banks. Tailored for diverse industries, our question banks ensure students are well-prepared for their specific career paths.

Empowering Students for Success:

Collaborative Assessment and Preparation

Enhance student skills with iScalePro's upskilling tools. Conduct assessments with internal teams, group students for collaborative learning, and prepare for interviews using Google, YouTube, and Chat GPT integration.


Ability to practice interviews from mobile:

Aligning Assessments with Career Goals

Tailor assessments to align with specific job roles and industries. Ensure precision placement by customizing evaluations, providing students with targeted preparation for their desired careers.

Multiple Assessment Rounds for Comprehensive Evaluation:

360-Degree Evaluation for In-Depth Insights

Conduct multiple rounds of assessments with defined passing criteria. Gain comprehensive insights into each student's capabilities, ensuring a thorough evaluation for successful placements.


Ability practice coding interview:

Create a Memorable Candidate Experience

Prioritize candidate experience with iScalePro. Ensure a positive journey for your students, making your college a preferred choice for recruiters.

Branding that Speaks Volumes:

Custom Branding for College Recognition

iScalePro provides colleges with the tools to display logos optimally, creating a professional and engaging environment.


Revolutionising Prep with AI & Videos:

Your Prep Companion

Prepare with precision as ChatGPT & Youtube videos provide intelligent insights, ensuring your responses stand out and leave a lasting impression on recruiters.

Confidence through Simulation:

Gain Fluency Through Hands-On Simulations

iScalePro's interactive interview simulations bridge the gap between theory and practice. Gain confidence, practical skills, and readiness for interviews in diverse professional settings.


Prepare & Practice Anytime, Anywhere for your Interview with iScalePro's:

Empower Your Preparation with On-the-Go Interview Simulations

Our platform empowers users to hone their interview skills effortlessly, directly from their mobile devices. With the ability to practice interviews on the go, students can seize every opportunity to refine their techniques, boost confidence, and excel in real-world job interviews.

Boost Coding Interview Proficiency:

Level Up Your Coding Interview Skills with iScalePro

Refine your coding skills and excel in technical interviews with iScalePro's specialized platform. Practice coding interviews in a simulated environment tailored to real-world scenarios. Elevate your proficiency, conquer challenging algorithms, and secure your dream job in the tech industry.


Unlock the potential with iScalePro

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