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How to create a Coding interview in iScalePro

Start a New Interview: Tap on the "New Interview" option. This opens the interview creation dashboard.

Fill in Interview Details: Add the interview's title, description, and adjust any necessary settings.

Add a Coding Round:

  • Click the "Add Round" button.

  • In the pop-up:

  • Enter a title for the round (e.g., "Coding Challenge").

  • Select "Coding" from the dropdown menu.

  • Specify the duration of the round.

  • Click "Add" to confirm.

Populate the Coding Round with Questions: Choose one of the following methods:

Method 1: Import Questions from a CSV File

  • Tap the "Import" button.

  • Choose your prepared .csv file containing the coding questions.

  • Click "Add".

Method 2: Add Questions Manually

  • Tap the "Add Question" option.

  • In the pop-up, type in your coding question.

  • Click "Add".

Method 3: Use the Question Bank (if available)

  • Tap the "Add questions from question bank" option.

  • In the pop-up:

  • Choose the team associated with the question bank.

  • Select "Coding" as the question bank type.

  • Pick your desired question bank from the list.

  • Tap the "+" (plus icon) next to each question bank you want to add.

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