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All you need to know about "Reviewer View"

Access the Reviewer View:

  • Go to the side menu in iScalePro.

  • Click on the "Reviewer view" option.

Explore the Reviewer Dashboard:

  • You'll see a dashboard displaying all interviews assigned to you for review.

  • The dashboard is organised and includes details like:

  • Interview name

  • Interviewers

  • Sponsored status

  • Last attempt date

  • Date of last update

  • Customise the view:

  • Change the column order to suit your needs.

  • Filter interviews based on specific criteria (column, operator, value).

Review Interviews:

To start reviewing an interview:

  • Locate the interview in the dashboard.

  • Click the pencil icon in the "Action" column.

Within the review interface, you can:

  • Review candidate answers round by round.

  • Check for existing reviews from other reviewers.

  • Access the activity log for the interview.

  • View the candidate's information.

View and Export Responses:

To view a candidate's responses:

  • Find the interview in the dashboard.

  • Click on the interview name or a designated "View response" option.

You'll see the responses for each round, along with the candidate's info.

Export the candidate's details to a PDF:

  • Look for an "Export" or "Download" button.

  • The PDF will include:

  • Candidate information

  • Round status

  • Score analysis

  • Questions and answers for each round.

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