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All you need to know about "My Interviews"option

The "My Interviews" section is your central hub for managing all your interview sessions within iScalePro. This guide will walk you through accessing, organising, and utilising your interviews effectively.

1. Accessing Your Interviews

  • In the left-hand menu of your iScalePro dashboard, click on "My Interviews."

  • This opens a list of all your existing interviews.

2. Finding the Right Interview

iScalePro offers several ways to locate specific interviews:


  • Click the "Filter" button.

  • Choose which column to filter by (e.g., Interviewer, Status).

  • Select the appropriate filter operator (e.g., "contains," "equals," "is before").

  • Enter the value you're looking for.

  • Click "Apply."

Search: Type a keyword (like the company name or job title) into the search bar to find relevant interviews directly.

3. Customising Your View

Add or Remove Columns: Click the column customization icon (usually a gear or column icon) to select which interview details you want to see in the list.

Column Density: Adjust the width of each column to fit your preferences and the information you need to view.

4. Working with Your Interviews

Once you've found the interview you need, you have several options:

Edit: Click the "Edit" button to modify the interview details or questions.

Practice: Click the "Practice" button to enter a mock interview session.

Join: If the interview is live or scheduled, click the "Join" button to start the session.

5. Bulk Actions

  • Select Interviews: Check the boxes next to multiple interviews.

  • Bulk Delete: Click the "Delete" button to remove all selected interviews.

  • Bulk Export: Click the "Export" button to download data for the selected interviews.

Important Note: Before deleting any interviews, make sure you no longer need them, as this action cannot be undone.

Let us know if you have any other questions about using iScalePro!

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