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All you need to know about "Candidate View"

Access Candidate View: Click on the “Candidate View” option in the side menu. This opens a dashboard showing all your assessment interview responses.

Find Your Interview:

Sort the columns or use filters to narrow down the list.

Type the interview name in the search bar for a quick find.

View Interview Details: Tap the dropdown arrow in the last column next to the interview you want.

See details like your email, the reviewer's name, and the date it was updated.

View Assessment Reviews and Scores: Click the "eye view" icon in the action column.

This opens a new dashboard with your assessment round details and scores.

Export to PDF (Optional): If you want a copy for your records, you can export the interview information as a PDF file.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Who Sees This View: Mainly used by candidates taking interviews (for educational institutions and trainers).

  • When You Can See Responses: You can only see your responses if the interview setting "allow candidates to view Response" was turned on.

  • Not for Recruiters: This view and the setting to see responses won't be available for recruiters.

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