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All you need to know about "Admin View"

Access the Admin View: Navigate to the "Admin View" option in the side menu. 

This dashboard displays all interviews created by your team in an organised format, including interview name and creation date.

Customise Your View:

Sort Interviews: Modify the displayed columns to prioritise the information most relevant to your needs.

Filter Interviews: Use filters based on column, operator, and value to narrow down your search.

Edit Interviews:

  • Click the pencil icon in the "Action" column next to the interview you wish to edit.

  • Make desired changes:

  • Enable/disable proctoring.

  • Enable/disable microphone and camera checks.

  • Allow/restrict mobile device access.

  • Enable/disable candidate info forms.

  • Enable/disable auto-evaluation using iScalePro's AI.

  • Allow/restrict candidate response viewing.

  • Define interview link access levels.

  • Set start and end dates for the assessment.

  • ...and more!

View Rankings: Click on the ranking option to see how candidates performed in the selected interview.

Share Interview Links: Quickly copy the interview link and share it directly with candidates.

Review Interview Summaries: Click on the summary option to get an overview of:

  • Who has taken the interview?

  • Their current interview round status.

  • Review status and score.

  • Overall score percentage.

  • Actions to be taken for each candidate (e.g., move to the next round, provide feedback, etc.).

Key Benefits of the Admin View:

  • Centralised management of all interviews.

  • Customizable dashboard for efficient workflow.

  • Easy editing and sharing of interview links.

  • Detailed candidate summaries for informed decision-making.

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